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I'm working on an NPC who owns a bar/tavern/whatever, boasting hard spirits such as whiskey and rum, food, music (mostly loud, aggressive genres), and a iron cage ring for organized fights which are sometimes co-ed. Fights fall into one of five rulesets:

•Punches only
•Bluffing only
•No Props
•Owner referees inside

•Punches and kicks/No natural attacks
•Bluffing and Grappling only
•No Props
•Owner referees inside

To Be Named 1:
•Punches, kicks, and natural attacks ok
•Combat maneuvers ok
•Inside props only
•Owner referees from outside

To Be Named 2:
As To Be Named 1, but combatants must incorporate their attacks into a dance, to be judged by the audience

Femme Fetalle Special:
•Punches, kicks, and natural attacks ok
•Combat maneuvers ok
•All props ok
•No referee

The Femme Fetalle Special ruleset is only invoked whenever someone within the establishment personally angers the owner, in which case the owner herself fights the offender, with the outcome almost always being ugly for the offender. Other rulesets are invoked through a die roll.

If you have any suggestions for the Owner or the unnamed rulesets, please share them with me.

Do "inside props" include tables, chairs, or perchance barbed wire bats? Because bah gawd King I'd be way too into that.

Love the idea. Commenting for follow and to support this great idea.

Inside props are the props put in the ring before the fight, but basically yes. Speaking of, I'll call the first unnamed ruleset WWE for now (because that's basically what it is).

I'd lean towards some variety of sneak attack build for the owner. Catch off-guard makes unarmed opponents flat-footed, and failing that, this seems like the perfect application of Press to the Wall. You can also add Sap adept and Sap master to crank up the damage if nonlethal is fine.

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