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Hello, I think character creation is slow and long to explain to beginners.
Here's the problematic points for me :
- Calculate Abilities Scores
- Choice of feat without knowing the game
- Too few HP at level 1
- Skills to choose without knowing the game
- Equipment to buy

This post is about skills.
At level 1 you have to choose X+int ranks.

What if, at level 1 you gain 1 rank in all your class skills and then, after that, you gain X+int at each level ?

Would something be broken ?
It's faster, makes more competent characters but int is still important at further levels.
"Balance" between classes is the same, Rogue is still the king with 23 class skills.

What do you think about ?

I like it, but, it should only work for 1st level, not if you multiclass later. Something like this, to me, shows that as a 1st level character, you spent your time not only learning your 'trade', but also that you learned how to do wit effectively and it's what you focused on. To me it seems like it would make your class choice even more important.

As I stated in one of your other posts. I think using pre-generated characters solves most if not all of the above issues. Choices have already been made that are intelligent for the type of character and it lets new players learn about all these things.

If you're looking at playing for a long time with the players, then do a mini-campaign using pre-generated characters. Something that maybe only goes a few levels so that players can learn the system. Then reset starting with normal character creation.

It's probably a much easier solution on everyone, then introducing a bunch of rules that new players will learn only to feel like now they have to learn the "real" rules for making a character at a later date.

Would this mean a first level character cannot take a rank in a nonclass skill?

Java Man wrote:
Would this mean a first level character cannot take a rank in a nonclass skill?

Either the answer is "yes" or it is "Int ranks to choose in nonclass skills", or it is " if you choose +1 rank fav. class bonus, or any trait that add ranks, you can add nonclass skills ranks".

What should be better ?

Int ranks to choose in non-class skills is probably better. I regularly put points in skills that aren't class skills just because it makes sense for the character concept.

That being said, the more streamlined option is the 1st one since it means you don't have to make any choices at 1st level with regard to skills. You just get your points and then move on.

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