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I'm a DM that occasionally allows 3rd Party Content, and I need some help ruling on these spells, are they OP?

Molten Glass Bolt y-spells/molten-glass-bolt

Aspect of the Dragon y-spells/aspect-of-the-dragon

Force Spikes pells/f/force-spikes

Lost pells/l/lost

Vertigo pells/v/vertigo

Shooting Star pells/s/shooting-star

Prismatic Ray (5th Level) ismatic-ray/

Prismatic Ray (9th Level) /

Sovereign Court

Whats the starting level of these characters out of curiosity?

(going in order)

Fair as the pc in question has to still hit the target

Fair, just aspect of the wolf for Sorcerers so it should be fine

Fair-ish Im confused as to what happens to the target if they make their reflex save, does it just miss? If thats the case why waste a 3rd level spell slot for it. Otherwise its fine and shouldnt be too broken.

Broken, if you have a spell that only allows saves every min (10 rounds) that can be frustrating for a dm. It has a high chance of ruining encounters completely provided the target fails their will save.

Fair, just a 2nd level color spray. I would consider changing the 2d4 to 1d4 however.

Fair as its a ranged AC not touch AC

Fair, Minimum damage when casting is 9d6 and 1/8 chance of being nauseated. should be okay.

Fair, if the target is level appropriate for 9th level spells to be shot at it its fine.

Dont take my words as gospel you are the gm and ultimately if you dont think some of the spells on the list are fair then dont use them / tweak them for player enjoyment

Success on the reflex save on Force Spikes prevents you from being Entabled and the like, though you still take full damage.

I would tone force spikes down a bit. 1d6 no save force damage per level is pretty strong. I would change it to one spike per two levels or have the save reduce the damage by half, or both.

For lost, if the character recognizes an enemy, I'd change the save to every round.

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