Druid with Scalykind Domain


I'd like for my druid to take the Scalykind domain with the Venom subdomain. However, this domain is not one of the basic options available, so I'm looking at options that will allow me to take it.

This is for PFS, so I'd prefer PFS-legal options. Just posting here for more visibility.

The best option I've found so far is the Veiled Adept archetype, which allows me to choose a domain or subdomain from an Eldest, which includes Ragadahn who offers the Venom subdomain. This is overall a pretty good option, but ideally I'd like to take the Blight Druid archetype and it is incompatible with Veiled Adept.

Are there any feats, traits, prestige classes, or archetypes compatible with Blight Druid that would work? I'd like to avoid losing Wild Shape progression for elemental forms, but I'd rather sacrifice a few effective levels of that than Blight Druid.

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