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We've been debating how to handle the duration of cards that are displayed on their own, next to a character's deck or next to a location deck. For example:

Elemental Skin: Displayed next to your location.
Caustic Fog: Display this card.
Stone Skin: Display next to a character's deck.
Pillar or Life: Display next to your location.

I'm sure there are more.

Do these cards last just one turn or until the effect is triggered?

For example, Stone Skin says: "While displayed, reduce all damage dealt to that character. At the end of the turn..." We're trying to figure out whether "at the end of the turn" refers to the turn during which the spell is cast -- meaning it goes away right away even if the character didn't take damage -- or if stoneskin remains in effect until that character takes damage.

All four cards end similarly with "at the end of the turn" or "at the end of your turn."

This probably should be in a separate thread: But for Stoneskin, could you cast it on yourself (or someone else) after you draw an encounter but before you resolve it?

Thanks, everyone.

Always expect a displayed card to tell you when it stops being displayed. (The exception is if another card tells you to display a card, the first card might indicate when the displayed card stops being displayed; in such a case, the first card is usually a scenario or location card.)

A displayed card that is disposed "at the end of the turn" stops being displayed at the end of the turn on which it was played.
If instead the text is "at the end of your turn" (or perhaps "the start of your turn"), then the relevant turn is the turn of the character who played it.

Stone Skin is an example of the "end of the turn" group. It doesn't matter if Stone Skin blocked damage, or not. Do what it says. At the end of the turn on which Stone Skin was played, it must be discarded (or banished, or recharged, as the case may be).

An example of the other group is Mist Horn. Mist Horn remains displayed until the start of the turn of the character who played it. So, if you play Mist Horn during your own turn, it stays up until the start of your next turn. (So cool.)

In the rare cases where NOTHING tells you to dispose of a displayed card, the rulebook says that at the end of the scenario you treat the card as if its disposal condition has been triggered. If there is no disposal condition, the character who played the card just gets it back (I think).

A damage-reduction card like Stone Skin can be played whenever a character for which the card blocks damage takes damage. So you don't have to have Stone Skin up before you explore. As soon as a character is taking damage in an encounter, anyone can play Stone Skin on that character.

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