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Some bug reports. Browser is Firefox Quantum 59.0.2 (64-bit) on Win 10.

First up, the menus on the the home page have some issues. The Starfinder and Organized Play menus contain a large area of odd, empty space. Screenshots:

It looks as though the .tier-two li.links-stem in these two menus contains no data other than an empty UL, and is picking up styles that might make sense if they actually contained links.

The Community menu has links, but they are weirdly offset from their parent navigation element. Screenshot:

Next, the #nav-ribbon bar that appears on every page except the home page has two dead links: Pathfinder and Community, which go to (respectively):

These two pages exist, and their presence in the nav ribbon indicates that they are important enough that they need to be constantly visible throughout the visitor's browsing experience. But they don't actually have any content. They have the header, the footer, a breadcrumb, some social media icons, and that's it. Screenshot of the Pathfinder page:

I don't know what you plan to do with these pages, but leaving the blank doesn't seem like a good idea. Pathfinder is your primary product; its landing page needs data. Similarly, leaving the Community page blank makes it look like there isn't a community. Of course there is, but a new or prospective player may not know that. You need to put something there.

Lastly, and this one is more subjective, my participation rate on the forum has plummeted because it's much more difficult to browse the forums to see what's happening. There is, of course, the all forums index, but it suffers from having too much stuff in it. I admire Paizo's commitment to continuing support for discussion of legacy products; but by my count, there are currently 146 forums displayed by default, which is a ton of content to wade through. I'm aware that I can collapse forums to remove them from my view -- in fact I discovered that today in the course of poking around the source code.

But I suspect that a lot of people, particularly more casual users, don't know about the expando-collapso arrows. I apparently missed them for eight years. Beyond that, I shouldn't have to curate every tiny aspect of my experience. At least some of the time, it's up to the site designers to make sensible default choices. Collapsing everything in the "Archive" section by default would be a good start -- still available for anyone who happens to want to go looking, but not taking a ton of real estate on ancient RPG Superstar contests and Dragon Magazine issues from the days of yore.

That said, I really miss having a way to just see the most recently active threads across all forums. Prior to the redesign, that was my primary method for discovering new threads I wanted to read or post in: they floated to the top of the list of the most recent posts in the sidebar that no longer exists. I miss that mechanic. It was great. I care much less about which forum a post is in than whether or not it's recent and active.

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Thank you Tinalles for alerting us of these issues. We are working to correct these and other issues pointed out by our readers.

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