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Has anyone who has run this had players cry foul about how the dottari are level 1 in book 1 and level 4 in book 2

I know foes are supposed to scale but wouldn’t there be a legitimate question as to why the level 4s weren’t sent on them in the first book or vice versa

I would say that Thrune trains more up as the threat goes. But surely there should only be so many level 4 fighters about in the world?

I am just trying to anticipate potential concerns ...

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In the first book, nobody considers the little protestors to be a threat. However, as time goes on the rebellion becomes a clear and present danger to the new regime and so they put the best of the best out to defend important areas. Maybe they draft in more from other areas. I also used the dottari troop statblock more than the AP did and set that up by saying Thrune brought in Chelish soldiers from Menador Keep to train the dottari to be more organised and capable fighting units. This would also give the rebels another reason to strike at the Menador Gap.

I just have those elite dottari as officers, SWAT, experienced and abusive beat cops, etc. The idea of soldier training is a really good one: I'll add it to the list. The militarization of the police: what could be wrong with that?

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