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I discovered this class and began to go wild with ideas from it, though a questionable ruling came up that I am not familiar with. Looking at the class the umbra gains the ability "Shadowstrike (1d8)" at first level and again at 4th level is becomes "Shadowstrike (2d4)". This 1d8 to me represents the starting base damage, as i thought. Looking more in the description, it states:
"...When using shadowstrike, the umbra’s
melee attacks deal an additional +1d4 points of
damage, increasing by an additional +1d4 at 4th
level and every three levels thereafter..."

My question is, what does the 1d8 come from when the descriptor states I would gain only +1d4 of damage. Due to how 4th level appears it would make more sense starting would be 1d4 instead of the 1d8 damager.

Flagged for wrong forum. As it is a Third Party book and should be in the third party section. They'll be able to help you out more there.

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