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The get out of a grapple DC for a kineticist's kinetic maneuvers is your CMD, correct?

I mean since your using telekinesis and not standard grapple shouldn't you use your casting stat(Con) instead of Str to determine your CMD for this purpose?


By RAW, nothing has changed, and technically grappling them forces them to be moved adjacent, even if they were at the furthest distance. You will be in uncharted waters (or in other words "ask your GM"). If you are in a PFS like game, make sure to talk to the GM before the game.

Now, for what I do, I don't force moving adjacent (cause that can cause someone to fly very far...) and I make it so that the DC to break out is 10+BAB+Con+Dex+Misc CMD Modifiers (Such as from feats, abilities, or whatever). However, the rules do not support this as far as I am aware and you will need to speak to your GM to know what they'd prefer to go with.

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The text for Telekinetic maneuvers says the Kinetecist uses his Con instead of his strength , I would apply this to all of the scores used to resolve the maneuver. The same wording is used in the Telekinesis spell and in that case I would use the casting stat rather than the casters physical stat, to me that is RAW. Certainly it is RAI and when I get a kinetecist PC it is how I will interpret the rules

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