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So if a witch has this ability.. do they pretty much have the ability to shrug off almost every fortitude save?

Cause that is what it seems to me..

Witch gets hit with Fort save effect, uses this ability to make another creature have to save vs the effect. If she succeeds, the other target takes -4 and if she fails, the other target has to save against the same effect twice.

So my reading of it is that the witch has 2 choices.
1. She can wait till after she's made her saving throw to hex another creature. In this case she essentially reflects the effect that forced the save to the creature she hexed, and she is unaffected.
2. She can decide to hex another creature before she saves, in which case she either succeeds (and the hexed creature takes a -4 on their save modifier) or she fails (and the creature saves at their normal save modifier).

Essentially if she always chooses option 1 she's immune* to fort saves, since she can hex someone every time she fails a save. If she thinks she can make the save, she can risk it in order to potentially give her target a -4 on their saving throw.

*She's immune to fort saves as long as she's capable of taking an immediate action, and as long as there's a valid target within 30 feet (If you have a Paladin in the party within 30 feet they're a valid target and probably won't mind being your fort-save-pin-cushion).

Gift of Consumption


The witch curses a creature to share any effects that target her vitality.

Whenever the witch is exposed to an effect that requires her to attempt a Fortitude save, as an immediate action she can curse a creature within 30 feet to share the effect. The hexed creature must also attempt a Fortitude save at the same DC as the witch’s, and on a failure it is subject to the same effects as the witch. Regardless of the outcome of the saving throw, the creature can’t be targeted by this hex again for 1 day. This hex does not function with effects that require additional types of saves, such as phantasmal killer.

Greater Gift of Consumption


The witch can more effectively redirect effects to her proxy chosen by the gift of consumption hex.

When the witch succeeds at her Fortitude save against an effect that she has redirected to a proxy, the hexed creature takes a –4 penalty on its Fortitude save against the redirected effect. If the witch ever fails a Fortitude save or intentionally exposes herself to an effect that requires a Fortitude save, such as by ingesting a poison, she can redirect that effect to affect only the hexed creature, though the hexed creature can still attempt a saving throw to resist the effects. Once she has redirected an effect to another creature in this way, that creature cannot be affected by the gift of consumption hex again for 24 hours. The witch must have the gift of consumption hex to select this hex.

The GGoC applies to a use of GoC, which needs an immediate action.

1) Exposed to something needing a Fort save [not all fort saves allowed, see description above].
2) Immediate action hex some new creature.
3) Roll a saving throw.
4a) Makes save: hex target becomes exposed to the same effect, and can save at -4 penalty against the same DC.
4b) Fails save: force effect onto hex target, but it gets a regular save against it.

Note: Making the fort save may still affect the witch, because it might be Save: Fort 1/2.

With this, you can be effectively Fort immune if you have a supply of hex targets. It also is only once per round, and I can easily see that being overcome by multiple enemies.


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