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I'm kind of proud of this character. I'm also tired of looking up her build in google docs every time I level. When I started the Devoted Muse all I knew is I wanted to use Fighting Fans (Monk) and have at least two levels of Paladin. I this "missing level" in my build that I decided to fill with Gunslinger as a joke ("I need a ranged weapon, after all"). Then when I looked over it, I started seeing the synergy between Gunslinger and Devoted Muse. You want a high critical multiplier, your gunslinger deeds will still advance as a Devoted Muse and you can take Mysterious Stranger to key it all off Charisma. A little adjusting, and I came out with this.


  • As a Kitsune, I can feint at a range of 30 feet even if the target only has a 1 or 2 in Intelligence or is a different creature type, using Shapechanging Savage.
  • Charisma is added to AC (Monk), AC (Dodge Bonus; Devoted Muse), AC (Deflection Bonus; Smite), To-Hit (Smite), To Damage (Mysterious Stranger) and to Saves (Paladin).
  • Shock-Striker Takedoown makes my Pistol's Critical Multiplier x5, improving many Devoted Muse abilities if the GM lets you extrapolate them

Race: Kitsune
Classes: Picaroon Swashbuckler 1/Scaled Fist Unchained Monk 1/Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger 1/Divine Hunter Paladin 2/Devoted Muse 6
STR: 6 DEX: 18 CON: 12 INT: 10 WIS: 10 CHA: 18


Level 1: Picaroon Swashbuckler 1
+1 BAB, +2 Ref, 4+Skill, Feat: Combat Expertise
Deeds, Panache, Swashbuckler Finesse, Melee Shooter, Two-Weapon Fighting

Level 2: Scaled Fist Unchained Monk 1
+1 BAB, +2 Fort, +2 Ref, 4+Skill
AC Bonus, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist

Level 3: Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger 1
+1 BAB, +2 Fort, +2 Ref, 4+Skill, Feat: Improved Feint
Deeds, Grit, Gunsmith

Level 4: Divine Hunter Paladin 1
+1 BAB, +2 Fort, +2 Will, 2+Skill
Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 1/day, Precise Shot

Level 5: Divine Hunter Paladin 2
+1 BAB, +1 Fort, +1 Will, 2+Skill, Feat: Shapechanging Savage
Divine Grace, Lay on Hands

Level 6: Devoted Muse 1 (d10)
+1 BAB, +1 Ref, 4+Skill
Artful Defense, Deeds, Panache

Level 7: Devoted Muse 2
+1 BAB, +1 Fort, +1 Will, 4+Skill, Feat: Stock-Striker Style
Artistic Flourish, Circling Strike, Deadly Strike, Distracted, Harmonious Strike

Level 8: Devoted Muse 3
+1 BAB, +1 Ref, 4+Skill
Feinting Feat: Twinned Feint

Level 9: Devoted Muse 4
+1 BAB, 4+Skill, Feat: Stock-Striker Sweep
Deeds (Opportune Parry and Riposte), Limitless Art +1 Panache

Level 10: Devoted Muse 5
+1 BAB, +1 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will, 4+Skill
Artistic Flourish Confused/Staggered

Level 11: Devoted Muse 6
+1 BAB, 4+Skill, Feat: Stock-Striker Takedown
Feinting Feat: Skill Focus (Bluff), Inspirational Strike

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