Technomancer Fabricate Arms clarification or two please?.

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Sorry to bother all, but I am curious (and sorry in advance if this has been asked somewhere on the boards, but I honestly have not been able to find it)... Fabricate Arms has this at the end

"You can’t create magic items, weapons made from a special material, or weapons that are expended with use (such as arrows, grenades, or missiles) with this magic hack."

Now, my question is simple, does this mean you can't fabricate an empty launcher and just load it with purchased ammo (Grenades or missiles or whatever), or does it immediately prohibit those weapon types all together since the weapons have to be created fully loaded?

Second question to go with this, if it prohibits those weapons due to the fact that the hack creates ammo/charges for it's creation, does that mean that the creation never runs out of ammo until the hack ends (curious for weapons such as the Reactionary cannon that only has 6 shots?)

Either way, thank you for the time and any information/clarification you might have.

Nothing's stopping you from loading a fabricated weapon with purchased ammo,so yeah, you can manufacture a grenade launcher/bow/whatever and load it with stuff from your backpack.

As for your second question... nothing in the hack states the weapon comes loaded, regular ammo isn't mentioned anywhere, and neither is the running out thereof. There also isn't an faq entry I'm aware of. Soo.. this all boils down to gm fiat I think. First off, I think it's fair to assume it doesn't come 'permanently loaded', becouse that'd be a deviation from the rule, and those normally need to be mentioned.

Personally, I'd say the weapon is created with a full clip/magazine/battery of ammunition that cannot be removed, and you need to perform some manner of action to reload it, but I could see someone else arguing you'd need to re-create the weapon when empty, or that you need to bring your own ammo.

Thank you for your input Defiant, it is very much appreciated (and sorry took a short bit to respond, but been kinda away from the comp for a few days heh). I hope you have a good day and enjoy the holiday season.


I came here looking for the answer to this same question in Society play. Can anyone say if there is an official answer for this yet?

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