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I'm going to be running scale the dragon for my gaming group (not for official PFS) but at a glance the dog-sledding rules seem quite different from anything I've ever run, and the Taer don't seem to have Pathfinder statblocks, and the 3.5 statblocks historically haven't sat well with my gaming group.

Any advice on those points or any advice period you can offer would be much appreciated.

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Season 0 in particular was written for 3.5 rules and the early seasons often use content from the Tome of Horrors. It's a third-party supplement, and you may find some updates in the Pathfinder version of the Tome. (I don't know, I haven't looked!) A lot of the Tome of Horrors stuff won't make it into first-party supplements, so you'll need to do some work yourself to replace or update them otherwise.

(For future readers, in PFS you're not allowed to replace or make changes to the old 3.5 stat blocks. But if you're running it outside the PFS structure, you can certainly change things up some.)

The goal with the dogsled chase is to create a cinematic action-movie feel. Give the players some excitement--some opportunities to make crazy checks, to show off, to try insane things. It's the kind of encounter most players will rarely get to have, so play it up and make it as fun as you can. I wouldn't set DCs too high.

You probably want to avoid severe penalties for failing drive checks--keep everyone involved and active. When the players fail, give them opportunities to catch up and do spectacular things. I don't think actual danger is as important as the experience, so don't knock people out of the "game" unnecessarily.

For inspiration, look to spy or caper movies--I'm thinking Bond especially, but there are lots of other options. Don't be afraid to play up the consequences of the players actions as they drive away the Aspis agents. The bobsleds might not fly off a ramp and blow up, but I bet you can think of some fun accidents!

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A little help on the taer, they do show up in Tome of Horrors complete and have been copied onto D20PFSRD.

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Bradley McTeer wrote:

A little help on the taer, they do show up in Tome of Horrors complete and have been copied onto D20PFSRD.

Oh thanks. That does help.

Still uncertain about the dog sledding, I'll have more time to look into it after tonight so maybe that'll assuage my doubts; it just feels like if I screw up depicting anything it's going to be that.

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