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Good day folks I've got a question is about mods maps

1. I know that I'm allowed to print a one copy of adventures for my use to run as long as it has the watermark on it, what I'm trying to figure out is the maps. I had taken the maps to a copy shop and was told I needed a release for them to make copies because it was trade marked is there a copy of that on this website or am I assuming too much and can only do what I can do on my printer.
Basically I like to take the adventure maps and blow them up to 1 inch grid squares and then laminate them so my players don't have to try and decipher my really bad drawings. Is this okay or am I violating something that Paizo doesn't want us to do?
Any help appreciated thank you.

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This FAQ should be helpful
Can I print my PDF, or have it professionally printed?
This should act as the release you're looking for.

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A few bullet points down from there is the one I've used on occasion:

"If you're viewing the maps in Adobe Acrobat, you can also save the pages as JPEGs (go to File->Export->Image->JPEG) and crop them in an image editing program."

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Thank you I have been a bit frustrated with trying to get my maps to look good! Both of those will work wonders

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if you are looking to upscale the scenario maps
here is a tutorial i put together

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Thank you that may actually help me do it on my own!

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