painted miniatures and maps?


When will we see painted Starfinder miniatures and will we see any Starfinder flip-mats and map packs?

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Sadly there is no release date made available for the pre painted mini's at this time but they are currently in the works, they're working on ensuring the quality of them from what I've heard, but they do have unpainted mini's available at the moment.

Two flip mats have been released at launch basic starfield and basic terrain. Catina Flip Mat is due to be released Oct 18th and Starship Flip Mat in November.

I do hope they release a whole line of prepainted miniatures for all the creatures. I want to get in on the ground floor of a system and enjoy collecting them.

Literally, Take my money if they are as good as the PF minins.

I was told that the figures they released are not painted, that is disappointing.

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The current releases aren't, no. Hopefully we'll get some more word on the pre-painted minis soon, because I'd love to have them as well.


I thought I saw pre orders from miniature market... may be mistaken

There’s still a couple days left to get the Masterclass minis from game on tabletop

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