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Star Trek in Starfinder: how would you do it?

I don't mean a literal Star Trek Universe game. Rather, a Starfinder campaign set solidly in the game setting using the core rules as the primary tool, but intended to recreate the feel of Star Trek (go ahead and pick your poison as far as what that means specifically -- me, I am a TNG guy mostly, though I do love the Cardassian War seasons of DS9).

To me, Star Trek is defined by a generally positive future, a sense of wonder and exploration, a big ship as mobile home base, a pseudo-military command structure (which almost always moves out of the way for story purposes) and the occasional really large space battle. It has room for everything from pulpy action to political intrigue to social commentary (sometimes a little ham-handed), all wrapped up in a benevolent military sci-fi uniform.

What parts of Starfinder would you focus on? What parts would you sort of ignore? How would you integrate things like the Drift and magic in general into a Star Trek feel? What about religions and factions and powerful species?

The starship combat so far foes have a Star Trek feel. However, since i don't love the starship combat I hope we focus on stuff outside of starships.

Have characters that for the Starfinder Society who are exploring unkown space. From there just make the mood of the game Pulp. The important thing is to talk with the players to make sure that their characters have the right attitude and feel.

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The Stewards would be another reasonable organizational option.

I could imagine Absolom Station as being the base of operations for the Starfinder society (UFOP) with the main enemies being the Vesk Empire (Klingons) and Azlanti Empire (Romulans)

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Assuming a more traditional leveling progress rather than the Star trek assumption of starting out as officers and department heads, the party could be *the* away team, a dedicated cross departmental unit specializing in first contact and forward observation. The party ship is a shuttle which gets upgraded as they level.

How do you build the SFS Enterprise, or is it just a setting rather than an actual statted ship?

First, I am flattered that you would want to recreate the adventures of yours truly. But who would not want to? I am awesome ;)

There are a few ways to handle this, one of these was already pointed out by Reynard; have the PCs be lower ranked crew members working for yours truly and they can be the away team, going on weekly adventures, seeing strange sight, seducing stranger life forms. This WOULD probably mean that the actual ship TIER the PCs are assigned to is not tied directly to the level of the party, but rather what ever Tier the GM wants the Enterprise to be; and of course you are going to name the ship the Enterprise, what else are you going to name it, Voyager?

IF you really want to still give them their own personal ship in this instance they can have the away shuttle and modify it.

There is ANOTHER option to consider, but it requires starting the PCs off at a higher character level. Do what all of the Star Trek shows do and have the main characters/PCs be the senior officers. The Original Star Trek (Based off of the Biography of yours truly) had Myself, Spock, and Doctor McCoy as the main characters, we were the Player Characters as it were. So if the GM is willing to start the party off at a higher level in order to give the party a bigger and higher Tier Ship, than instead of having the PCs be junior officers they are running the Ship. THEY WOULD BE Spock, Deanna Troi, Worf, Data, Captain James G+~ D$&n T Kirk!

I'd go more of a Voyager...

Start the characters off as level 1.

They are crew members are students on an academy ship that is doing live maneuvers. They were under the command of a Captain. There is a sudden incident and the ship is catapulted through space.

They find themselves in a distant unknown galaxy. The Captain is killed and the ship is damaged in the event. Together they must repair their ship and find their way home.

Each PC takes on a different role -

Captain (former student first officer)
Tactical Officer (Gunner)
Science Officer
Helmsman (Pilot)
Chief Engineer (Engineer)

The crew are mostly window dressing. Though because of the damage (extensive) the ship's capabilities (level) are down graded. In order to get back they will have to explore (to gain level) for resources (which grant build points) as well as find out where they are and will face many threats along the way.

Fuel is a major issue, preventing from over use of drift. The ship will need to spend multiple hours in real space between jumps to collect solar energy.

Remember the ship is filled with academy students, the PCs were only a group of seniors. They'll have many hurdles, but also, being in a strange new Galaxy, many remarkable things to see and learn.

This is easy on you, the GM as well, and you can do many of the classic Trek tropes with Starfinder mechanics.

One week you locate a ship on sensors that is dead but has parts for a new power core that you need... Danger and adventure awaits as the away team goes through the dunge-er space ship.

Another week some political intrigue as the ship rescues an escape pod. The pod contains a princess who escaped the destruction of her transport caused by an accident. The ship takes her home, the king treats them like heroes, but during it an attempt is made on her life, maybe her ship didn't suffer an accident at all...

Next the crew finds a planet that seems to be inhabited only by children who are preyed on by vicious beastial mutants. The mutants appear to be humans infected by a virus, and worse, the crew is infected... Can they find a cure in time?

As to Magic and Tech - Just make magic an advanced form of psychic or evolutionary phenomena.

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