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Hello all!

Based in Paris, France, I look at the "Coordinators" page regularly, when I travel, to see if there is a Lodge to try and visit.
Since I will be in Austria soon, I was checking Vienna out... when, for the first time, after a few years, I spotted the "Online" entry.
Which is sandwiched between Oklahoma and Oregon (so that is where the Internet is located?!).
I was just wondering if it might be better to extricate Online from United States?
(put it before, or at least after, at the start of International?)
Easier to spot for people coming to look for it.
Not sure if this is feasible or too much coding, but just an idea...

Thanks for the great work, and the rich Website!

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Yes, I have to admit that I have also noticed that the internet is located somewhere between Oklahoma and Oregon. (That must be where all the server farms are!)

However, our online community is decidedly international! My guess is that our current location is an artifact from when the Online Venture Officers were all located in the United States. So Jesse Davis is in Texas, and I'm in Minnesota. However, we have VAs located in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland and Singapore. Or we will, once Paizo gets through its backlog of Venture Officer promotions. I would love for the online Venture Officer listings to get moved from the United States to a different location, either before or after the U.S.

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Personally, I would like to see the online area listed as its own country, with VTT and PbP as cities, and individual forums/websites as store locations.

and considering that online is directly under the organized play coordinator it makes sense to place it at the top of regions....


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Betsy, Server Cow wrote:

Cow Yesterday, are you going to milk that joke?

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