Into the Unknown: Clarification - Selling opponent's gear

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Page 9 of Into the Unknown wrote:
The PCs can also sell their foes’ gear for 10% of its value, as usual.

Just to confirm, does this line impact the Credits reward that the PCs get at the end of the quest (i.e., I keep track and add it to their Chronicle sheet), or does it just provide funds that they can use during the quest (we just track it on the fly and then wave it away)?

It's been a while since a player tried selling anything in the midst of a PFS scenario, and I just want to make sure I'm not shorting my players if this is an option, but also don't want them to over-game the system.


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Pretty sure it's just for the scenario itself. It doesn't get added to the actual rewards.

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That us there for non SFS play I think.

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