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Just some questions about conjuration(infernal binder)...
1. Is there still an alignment restriction if it's just VMC?
2. Do you get the +3 to knowldege(planes)?
3. If I took Improved Familiar before the level 7 ability (at level 19) does it do anything?

Technically you can't take it at all, since it requires you choose a familiar as your arcane bond at first level, which you can't do since you don't have that feature.

I personally would be willing to overlook that, since you will be getting a familiar at third.

Nothing in VMC letting you choose a school get around restrictions of the school though, so you would indeed have to be of the correct enlightenment.

Planar Knowledge (+3 to Knowledge: Planes) is one of the first level powers of the school, so you would get it at 7th level.

You if you already had improved familiar (hopefully having chosen an imp to not make thing difficult on anyone) then you would get an ability at 19th level that doesn't do anything, but you would have a feat you could retrain for something else without loosing your Imp.

what would happen if I didnt choose an imp?

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As the GM, I would beat you :)

Also, I would question why you want this school and why you are trying to make things hard.

As far as the rules go, there isn't a particular answer as to what would happen to the familiar you had previously, but when you reach 19th level you must have an imp familiar and the other one therefore has to go. If I personally had to decide what happened, I would probably have the new Imp kill your old familiar.

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