What does Drakthar do with bodies?

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My PCs just made their first foray into Drackthar's Way. Where they proceeded to trigger about 75% of the first level into one battle, and Drakthar as well (as I noted up that they triggered the first attack by Drakthar by the time they'd donethe first seven numbered locations).

They quickly realise that they were running way too ong on resources to tackle Drakthar (who has also been buffed up to being a rather credible threat!) and beat a hasty retreat, dragging the now-dominated Archivist (who, luckily for them, had chosne to load nothing but healing spells - and hilariously, the one Protetion From Evil).

(Drakthar, for his part - this being on Golarion - just enjoyed himself getting off on their fear. But they did discover that Glitterdust blinded him and web slowed him down (though he shrugged off the former (due to a homebrew template) and wasn't concerend about the latter.)

I imagine they will not be back for a day or so, now knowing properly what they're up against. They did buy some silver weapons after the were-rats (which explained to DM and player alike why Suddenly Were-Rats!), but the DR is Silver and Magic, so I shall suggest they might want to get some Oils of Magic Weapon...!

Now, they are being paid by the ear for all the goblins they kill. And they killed a lot of goblins (given the numbers were buffed for a 7-party team).

So the big question is... What is Drakthar going to do with the bodies? Normally, none of us would are, but the ears are money to the PCs (and I don't want to screw them put of too much money) - so... Where might he put them?

As I recall, Drakthar has several beings dominated including the goblins and the red-eyed dwarf. If all these have not already been killed or incapacitated, he might order them to remove the bodies. I'm guessing the dwarf might take them to the nearest trash dump or midden pit. The goblins might do the same, or they might even eat the bodies themselves.


@Mykull has a good opinion.

Maybe Drakthar feeds the bodies to the worgs? Can't let the meat go bad.

Or he has his charmed goblins toss them outside into the jungle. The jungle scavengers would pick over the bodies quickly enough.

My players actually debated over whether taking ears was justified as good PCs. If you are afraid that they will miss out on money, you can always add a few more gold pieces to Drakthar's horde.

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