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Spirit-Bound skeletal Lich


Unknown: information suggests caster of at least epic level







Special Abilities

Significant spellcasting capability, life drain on touch, access to the full resources of the Aotrs


Lawful Evil


Derby UK or Bleak Despair Battlestation




Bastard (Professional )

About Aotrscommander

Aotrs stands for the Army Of The Red Spear, a very high tech, high-magic, star-spanning organisation composed primarily of spirit-bound Liches under the command of Lord Death Despoil the Lichemaster.

My actual rank within that organisation is commadore ('commander' is accurate only in the general sense of the word); my function is to keep a close eye in Earth - just to make sure nothing interesting happens - and also to run co-ordinate and monitor Bleak Despair Battlestation, which is the Aotrs headquarters in the local area. (No, I'm not going to tell you where, that's classified!)

Despite my protests to the contrary, Lord Death Despoil has specifically forbidden me from launching a massive invasion force and crushing this planet underneath my booted heel; which is probably as well for the rest of you, but there you go. One day, I'll wear him down...

When not battling the enemies of the Aotrs, slaughtering Vampires and Shi'Ar who I hate with the white-hot fire of a thousand suns or doing my undercover work on Earth or planning global and universal dominion, I relax by slaughtering Vampires and Shi'Ar, roleplaying and wargaming, not necessarily in that order. I do a fair amount of DMing for my two groups and have, in my own entirely not inflated opinion, become quite good at it - at least for our style of play - in the last 18 years. Though I am still finding ways to improve even now! (I can't be doing too bad, since it was one of my players who alerted me to the RPG Superstar contest which brought me here!)