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Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's something missing from the line up of classes, and it's a melee character. I know they keep making the comparison with a barbarian vs a soldier, but I think we're missing that kind of character. Specifically Drax and Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy. While Groot is obviously a special case, you can't really make a competent Drax-style character from what we've seen, unless there's a Soldier archetype, but Drax doesnt feel like a soldier.

Same for Thanos. I know he's the badguy, but I'm not really sure there's a way to make a similar kind of character. Warlord class or something, that would work for either of those character types. I know it's still early, but does anyone else feel like that?

It's the very first lineup, and both the Solarion and the Soldier can be played as melees. I would imagine that depending on your companion you could also do a melee engineer for flanking goodness with your robobuddy.
Making e.g. a Vesk melee Soldier that feels like the Destroyer would probably be more a question of style and background than a mechanical problem. I mean, what do you know about Drax beyond that he is a strong, dim-witted dual wielder? And I would be very surprised if that isn't an option to go with soldier.


Drax would be a soldier. A warlord type would be envoy..

This honestly sounds like a 'what's in a name?' problem rather than a class problem. Something that strikes every edition of D&D (and pathfinder).

If the class name were something else but exactly the same, would it seem missing? Warrior rather than soldier, for example?

Something's missing?! *gasp* Where did Golarion go?!

If nothing else, fictional shotguns have a tendency to be extremely close range anyway.

agreed, the soldier is supposed to be able to choose between a ranged and a melee specialization. The Operative will probably also have some abilities for geting up close and personal, the space ninja class. And of course the Solarions who seem to be skewed heavily towards melee over ranged builds.

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