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Has anyone tried creating new Inevitables? They're among my favorites of the "Extraplanar embodiments of a Concept", but I find their limited variety stifling, and it's a damn shame they're so neglected when compared to Fiends of various types.

Has anyone else worked on creating new types of Inevitables? I was considering creating a variety that regulates the weather by taking the Thunderbird and modifying it into an Extraplanar Construct.

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Cool idea.

I like inevitables, but their individual purposes are so specific, it is often hard to find an actual use for them. I also find it hard to understand which concept of 'law' they are supposed to represent.

I endorse the idea of an inevitable who admonishes druids for their 'unnatural' weather manipulations.

I wrote down a few ideas of inevitables for my campaign:
1) Architects who fight against those who misuse the energies of leylines and have bodies of stone statues of spiders
2) Scribes who are tasked with stopping the destruction of knowledge and have bodies made of servers with limbs formed from masses of cable
3) Hordemasters who hunt down those who ruin economies, they look like dragons made from all the metallic-dragon metals with a swarm of coin-like drones serving them.

In one of the DnD 3.5 books there were a few other inevitables, but they have always been kind of left to the wayside. My favorite was the Quarut, who hunted down anyone who messed with the fabric of time.

Basically if there is some LAW that seems to be violated, you could make an Inevitable for it. By design and their extremely lawful nature, the law they enforce needs to be specific. I have not needed to make an inevitable myself, but the concept is sadly neglected. Especially compared to all of different forms of evil outsiders that all want to destroy reality.

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