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RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8
Round 1 Staff of the Prime Mover
Round 2 Caverns of Steam
Round 3 Gloomwasp
Round 4 Eizenholt, Abandoned Duergar Mining Outpost

Winner of Here be Monsters 2 contest on A Sword for Hire (2016)

Wayfinder Contributions
Wayfinder #14 (Bestiary: Grim Harvester)
Wayfinder #16 (Mindslicer & Robot Disciple archetypes; Nanite Corruption)
Wayfinder #17 (Censor Archetype; Cast in Stone; Bestiary: Voltleech)

Zenith Games
Maniac Character Class A new spellcasting class focused on emotion-based magic.

Homebrew Stuff
GM's Toolbox: Bestiary New monsters.
GM's Toolbox: Monster Role Templates 40 new templates that allow GMs to customize their monsters so they can fulfill a certain role.