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So, a ruling came up about the damage of this spell in our last session. Gm and three different players each had a different thought on the damage.

1) you only get one attack, it deals 1d4 + (shards-1)
2) you get a number of attacks equal to sh ards, each one doing 1d4 + 1
3) you get a number of attacks equal to shards, each one doing 1d4 + (shards -1)
4) you get a number of attacks equal to shards, each one doing 1d4 + number of shards that hit previously (think hammer the gap)

#1, both because of the grammar and because it's only a level 1-2 spell.

Agree, #1 because it says "the shards" and not "each shard".

Not sure if anyone would check back on this, but I had read it as option #3. We had a discussion at a table last night and the GM ruled #1 until we got a better (official) ruling. Now that someone has pointed it out, I think it can be read both ways

The wording of the spell is poor at best. Here is the sentence that causes the issue: "The shards deal an amount of slashing and piercing damage equal to 1d4 points + 1 point per shard beyond the first, and have a threat range of 19–20."

While it does allow a character to be able to deal damage over time, it cost a move action, so it can really mess with higher level action economy.

The spell also requires you to be adjacent to the target, so not exactly overpowered.

Well, someone cast *raise thread*. :-)

Reference: Shield of Shards

#1, almost

The spell states that you can make *an* attack as a move action.
It states the attack does 1d4+(#Shards-1) for damage.

Therefore, you can get two attacks in a turn if you use both move actions.


Cevah is on the money as usual.

...And now I'm adding an especially childish entry to my Tome of Comically Misspelled Spells.

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