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Tablet's been broken for a while, but I recently got a new app on my phone that's recent for drawing, so I'm working on getting back into it! If anyone's interested, I'd like to draw some of your PCs.

Here are some examples of my art.

I'll take 5 requests for now! I can't guarantee they'll be super detailed or quickly drawn given I'm getting into midterms and drawing on a phone, but who knows? I'll be posting them on on my tumblr unless people would specifically prefer I not.

If you'd like to make a request, I'd like to know your character's name, a visual description of them and a brief personality description. Thanks!


I have one for you! Feel free not to take it if you like other projects better!

This is Kileanna, my Time Witch. She is a changeling of elven heritage.
As you can see, she has very long blood red hair, which she is able to animate, with two white streaks. Her eyes are mismatched: one hazel, one leaf green.
She's slim and tall like most changelings are. I copied her robes from Nazhena's from RoW, as she is wearing them, but she'd wear any kind of warm robes with fur and feathers. Her facial tattoos are made to resemble an owl's pattern, honoring her snowy owl familiar.
The two necklaces are important to her: the first is made with a giant weasel's fangs and the second was given to her as a token of gratitude.
She has an open and cheerful personality with the few people she trusts, and she's quick to make friends with anybody who is nice to her, but a whole life as an outsider and a pariah among who she thought to be her own kind has made her shy and wary of strangers. She is a bit overprotective with her friends, who she calls «family», and can have a short temper if someone messes with them.

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Thalia Velerin, a Varisian half-elf bard.

-Light olive skin
-Straight black hair, about to the small of her back, either loose or in a ponytail
-Hazel eyes
-Slightly pointed ears
-Slender yet curvy build
-Loose, gypsy-esque clothing: half-blouse and long skirt with a slit
-Wields flaming katana (Suishen from Jade Regent)

She is a devout worshiper of Shelyn and a romantic at heart. She is friendly and outgoing, always willing to try to see somebody else's point of view. When diplomacy fails, though, she won't hesitate to raise her blade to defend her allies.

All right! Sorry for the delay over here. I've been playing around with colouring between classes, and it's been messing me up a bit, but I figure I'll post what I have done here so far!

1. Kileanna - Lineart + Coloured [Not fond of the coloured, might redo it in a bit]
2. Thalia Velerin [In Progress]

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Anne Nonymus/ Gnome Anne:

Gnome who has assumed the persona of a human girl scout in order to sneak around unnoticed. Has alter ego, Gnome Anne, who is an over eager caped crusader.

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For your perusal, at your leisure, should your Muse deem the vision viable to you...

Lohn Slaf

This odd-looking heavy-set yet agile human has grey skin, white eyes without an apparent pupil, and grey hair.

Typically he wears studded leather armor dyed to a dark brown almost black coloration, along with a pouch on his hip that contains the tools for fine work. A short sword rides on his left hip, a dagger on his right, and a backpack that bears the stains of oil, grease, and soot occupies his back.

Of particular note are the elbow-length black gloves that are of a fine cut, by far more expensive looking than all of the rest of his gear combined.

Lohn Slaf is a proud member and arcane technician of Locksmith's Guild 271.
He's spent his entire life perfecting the creation of locks, and every so often helping someone who has 'accidentally' locked something they need opened.
Guild rules say only a Guild locksmith can work on locks. Given some recent stupidity with some crazy flame-flinging mage burning down his shop, he's bent on revenge as well as the obligation to the Guild to make sure that only a 'properly' certified and trained locksmith is there to open locks for any adventurers.

Lohn is very much the professional locksmith, but he's also been known to take out some opponents before fighting even really begins in a truly roguish fashion. He's exceptionally perceptive and sometimes can pick out details casually that others require in-depth scrutiny to determine.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing right. If you can't handle waiting, go for a walk or something."

Last update of the day! My art style has no consistency whoops

1. Kileanna [ Done - posted above]
2. Thalia - [Complete]
3. Anne Nonymous / Gnome Anne [Next!]
4. Lohn Slaf

Great work! She looks so cute! The coloring is OK so don't worry. The colored version looks a bit scary because of the eyes xD I think she is using her Evil Eye on me.
I love how you did the magic light effects.

I loved the sketches and would like to humbly ask for one too :)

Tessara is an elven sorcerer that unknowingly and inadvertently draws her power from Nocticula. She is a good gal, but revels in using her magic to set enemies on fire and absorb their life-forces. Her hair is red and shoulder-length, and she loves flowing dresses (and uses a wand as an arcane focus). She has the mark of Nocticula as a birthmark on her thigh. Her eyes (as a typical Golarion elf) have large irises and are amber-colored.

I'd love if you could give her a mischievous look and some simple flame-like effects.

@Oli Ironbar - would it be possible to get a bit more thorough of a definition? Skin colour, hair colour/length? It'd help a ton! c:

1. Kileanna - [Done]
2. Thalia - [Done]
3. Anne Nonymous / Gnome Anne - [Waiting on details]
4. Lohn Slaf - [Done]
5. Tessara - [Incomplete]

These are all the requests I'm taking for now, but when I finish them up I may open more slots, if people are interested!

I'm enjoying a lot your sketches, keep up the good job!

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Thank you very much!

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Anne Nonymous:
Hair: Blonde, medium length, braided
Eyes: Purple
Clothing: green uniform of a scout or camper
gear: backpack and knickknacks

Gnome Anne:
Hair: hidden under hood
Eyes: hidden behind mask
Clothing: billowing cloak, light combat gear
gear: whip and a flask of alchemist fire

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Thanks for the support! I'm glad you've enjoyed them. A bit busy this weekend, but I'll try to have another done the next time I'm free!

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Thanks for the sketch. Thalia looks lovely. :D

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