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I am getting ready to run my players through the PFS series but I'm totally confused by the site. Where do I buy the pdfs for PFS?

Liberty's Edge 4/5 5/5

There are links to all the seasons of scenarios HERE.

Also linked there is the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, which contains all the standards for playing in and running sanctioned PFS games (if you're not already aware of them). Obviously, if you just want to use PFS scenarios for an unsanctioned home game, this isn't as important.

Silver Crusade 1/5

It should also be noted that there is no real "PFS Series".
I'll try and compare it to television.

A singular module is something like a movie (or maybe a Netflix Original Series). It's self-contained. One go and gone. You might use multiple modules, but if you don't change them they remain self-contained.

An adventure path is one of those TV shows with a really tight meta plot. Every single module is more or less self-contained and you COULD play one without the others, but you'd miss lots about the metaplot. And especially in the end it all comes together.

PFS is not really a SERIES per se. Every season has some metaplot, but every single scenario is self-contained. There are some references to other scenarios, and some scenarios might even be a two- or three-parter if played together. But all in all they are more like, say, early Stargate or Supernatural - you can play them out of order, skip one or two, and usually you won't miss anything major.
(Also there is usually something big happening at the end of the season.)

So, this now depends on what you want to do:
Do you want to play through a series of thightly woven scenarios, one following the other, leading your players through a plot? Then this is not for you, I think. Especially in later seasons, where you cannot just play the scenarios in order with the same characters - the first one might be for levels 1-5, the second one for 5-9 and the third one for 3-7. Earlier seasons lack that problem, but also (IIRC) are pretty light on meta plot.

Or are you interested in PFS as a concept and want exactly this, a campaign with self-contained adventures, following the rules of PFS so that your players could use those characters in other PFS events? Then pretty much what Matt Lewis said.

We started yesterday. They spent an hour or so rolling characters. One made a giant house cat with a greataxe and the other a drow ninja. Then the first thing they wanted to do, even after being invited to the Pathfinder Lodge in the Docks, was to go surfing.

It's that kind of campaign.

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