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I've thought of this idea for an alchemist archetype. I haven't flushed it out completely yet, but he is what I have so far. It is a healing bomb alchemist.
Basically the alchemist bombs instead of doing damage they heal. So a direct hit at first level is 1D6 plus the alchemist intelligence modifier healing, and the splash healing is 1 + int mod. Every other level a D6 is added to the healing. There's no way for the bombs cause damage, they can only heal. The second thing I replace is poison use, and in exchange for that it gives the infusion discovery for free.

What do others think this idea, and maybe to help flesh out more of the archetype.

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I think just modifying the chirurgeon would work.

However, simply changing the damage to healing feels like way too much. Existing class features like this (lay on hands, channel energy, etc) do not allow you to add a modifier and the daily usage typically scales by 1/2 level instead of full level. I do agree it should be a little stronger than lay on hands since this is the class's' primary class feature.

I suggest either:
A) Reducing the daily use to 1/2 + Int mod
B) Do not apply the Intelligence bonus from throw anything to the healing. This is the one I personally recommend. In fact, it might be best to replace throw anything with a different class feature since this isn't the bomber type of alchemist. Maybe a class feature that functions as the healing bomb discovery?

To offset the new healing bombs not working with existing discoveries, I suggest offering new bomb discoveries unique to the archetype. One of the new discoveries could grant a paladin mercy that applies to healing bombs. This discovery should say that the alchemist must meet all prerequisites for the mercy and has an effective paladin level equal to their alchemist level for determining which mercies they can select.

Replace bombs with something that resembles Lay on Hands in a bottle?

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A discovery that allows alchemists to create healing bombs already exists.

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