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Good afternoon,

I have A VMC question. If you multiclass with another class that has feats that are restricted by class and level, do you qualify for them?

For instance if you are a Rogue, and use the variant multiclass rules to multi-class with fighter. Do you qualify for weapon specialization? And if so at what level?

I don't see any mention of it in Pathfinder Unchained, and the FAQ is very light (1 question).

Thank you,

Silver Crusade

No, you would be treated as a Fighter, but you wouldn't have any levels in Fighter, so you wouldn't qualify for Weapon Specialization.

I disagree. You would not be treated as a fighter. You would be a Rogue VMC Fighter. Which means instead of 5 feats you get a different bonus. You are still 100% rogue as far as class levels are concerned.

Silver Crusade

As levels yes, but I believe you would be treated as a Fighter for things that rely solely on class rather than class levels. I don't know of anything that does that though so it's mostly theorizing.

Sash of the War Champion wrote:
This bright red strip of cloth, stitched with images of a cheering crowd throwing garlands toward a chariot, fits across the wearer's shoulders and then diagonally down his chest to reach his opposite hip. The wearer treats his fighter level as 4 higher than normal for the purpose of the armor training and bravery class features.

VMC fighter gets armor training and bravery. So how would you rule this interacts with that?

VMC Fighter:
Bravery: At 3rd level, he gains the bravery class feature as a fighter of his character level – 1.
Armor Training 1: At 7th level, he gains armor training 1.
Armor Training 2: At 15th level, he gains armor training 2.

Base fighter:
Bravery: +1 at 2nd level, +1 every 4 to +5 at 18
AT: +1 at 3rd level, +1 every 4 to +4 at 15

So a level 10 Rogue VMC Fighter with the sash would get what?

I say he has Bravery +2, and AT +1.

Would you say he treats bravery as a fighter 14(+4) or 13(+3)?
Would you give him armor training +2? Even though he wouldn't get that through VMC for another 5 levels?

Silver Crusade

No, I agree, he would get the bonus for Bravery but not for Armor Training.

At level 10, you are effectively a Rogue 10/Fighter 0. Weapon Specialization requires Fighter level 4, so you can't use VMC to qualify for things like that. VMC rules occasionally tell you to count your VMC class level as X minus Y, but that's ONLY for a specific feature, not overall or in general.

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