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This is a British TV series, on Channel 4, that finished last night. It had six episodes. It could be described as "Buffy, but with demons", in that it's a comedy horror show. (As an FYI, it's written by the chap who wrote "Misfits".)

Here's the imdb description.

It might still be available to watch on the Channel 4 website, but if not, for people outside the UK I recommend people watch out for it!

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Sounds cool. Can't wait until it's on Hulu or Netflix. :-)

It is on Netflix now..

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Word!!!!!!!! :-D

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About halfway through it. And yes, it's crazy. :-D

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I'm glad you like it, SmiloDan! :)

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Me too!

I'm gonna check out the Misfits next. (the show, not the band)

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