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Just got in Mummy's Mask today, and I think we're missing one of the card packs. We're missing the B scenarios, locations, villains, and henchmen (+some monsters, and Traders) (other than the ones from the "Open Me First" pack, which we have). Pretty sure one of the plastic wrapped sections just didn't make it in.

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Just to note, since I totally forgot to last night, this is the PACG Mummy's Mask Base Set.

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Hello Kumarei,

I'm sorry to here you were missing cards! I have set up a replacement order for you which should be on its way shortly. You will be receiving an email confirmation, please look it over and let me know if any changes need to be made (it will say it is for 55 cards, but it is for 110).

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Everything looks good. Thank you very much :)

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