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Looking at My Subscriptions, the case incentive for the next Pathfinder Battles set doesn't appear to be present. I'm trying to prepare my budget, and not knowing how that affects things is throwing my numbers off.

If this can't be fixed at this time (due to the system not being ready or something), could you please provide an estimate of the cost for a subscriber? A rough idea of shipping costs would also be helpful.

Thank you! ^_^

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Hi Kalindlara,

That may be related to some things that should get fixed on the next update the tech team does. (If not, we'll see what things look like after that roll).

Subscriber cost for the case incentive should be about $10.00. Shipping for that item is probably $5 to $12, depending on location, shipping, method, and if it can be combined with other items that are shipping at the same time.


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