AP "Trailers" or Paizo Promo Videos?

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Hey Gang,
Does anyone know of high-quality "launch trailers" (either official or fan-based) for any of the APs?

(I know that *other*, long-running RPG company made ones for their "Tyranny" and "Rage" campaigns.)

Our high school Tabletop club starts up again on the 20th (whoo-hoo! year #4), and I'd love to play a Paizo "promo" video at the opening of the 2016 organizational meeting.

I don't know of any official ones based on the AP's there are some fan videos out there though, below are some of my favourites.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Trailer by Gamerati

Pathfinder RPG - The Inner Sea World Guide Fan Trailer

Rise of the Runelords Trailer

Sovereign Court

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Promo trailers for the APs?

I must say... that would be neat.

...but....... that sounds like mighty effort/time/dough for Paizo (unless they have some marketing students on hand... who would be willing to build a resume or something... who share an undying love for all things Pathfinder... heheheheh)

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