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Today, I just had an idea of a Thassilonian Specialist Psychic as a way of remixing the Runelords. I totally understand why the Runelords were Wizards as things stand, because Pathfinder RPG wasn't even out yet and was only going to have the core classes initially, but what if the Runelords were made today? Psychic has a case for it.

I searched for this, but couldn't find anything about somebody doing an Occult reload of the Runelords, so here goes.

Runelords are supposed to be able to warp reality with their minds, and having them be able to do it with a thought and not needing any words or gestures seems thematically fitting -- although most of the time they would probably add words and gestures for dramatic flourish. Not only that, but their connection with the Seven Deadly Sins seems thematically fitting with Emotion Components.

So with that in mind, here's the idea of an archetype that would support this idea. This archetype is made with the idea that the Thassilonian Specialist Wizards still exist (or at least existed back in the time of of the Runelords), but were not the actual Runelords.

Thassilonian Psychic

Sin Magic Spell Casting

A Thassilonian casts psychic spells similarly to a standard Psychic, but also has an Arcane School like a Thassilonian Specialist Wizard (see below). In addition to spells from the Psychic spell list, a Thassilonian Psychic's spell list adds all Sorcerer/Wizard spells from the corresponding specialty Arcane School, replacing Verbal Components with Thought Components, and replacing Somatic Components with Emotion Components to convert these spells from Arcane to Psychic magic. Furthermore, the Thassilonian Psychic gains an additional spell known of each level that the Thassilonian Psychic can cast, which must be picked from this specialty Arcane School. Sorcerer/Wizard spells in a Thassilonian Psychic's specialty Arcane School that have ranks (such as Summon Monster I - IX for a Sloth/Conjuration Specialist, or Minor and Major Image or Invisibility and Greater Invisibility for a Pride/Illusion Specialist) qualify for undercasting, the same as Psychic spells that can be undercast. In exchange, a Thassilonian Psychic also gains two Prohibited Schools, specified the same as for a Thassilonian Specialist Wizard, and cannot learn spells from these Prohibited Schools at all; such spells are treated as not being on the Psychic spell list, and a Thassilonian Psychic must make a successful Use Magic Device check to cast such spells from spell trigger or spell completion magic devices.

Like other Occult spellcasters, a Thassilonian Psychic generally cannot cast spells with Emotion components while uder the influence of a non-harmless effect with the Emotion or Fear descriptors; however, this restriction is lifted if the emotion matches the one of the Seven Deadly Sins associated with the Thassilonian Psychic's specialty Arcane School, even when casting spells not in this school. (As with Thassilonian Specialist Wizards, the matching emotions/sins are: Envy for Abjuration, Sloth for Conjuration, Lust for Enchantment, Wrath for Evocation, Pride for Illusion, Gluttony for Necromancy, and Greed for Transmutation.)

This alters the Thassilonian Psychic's spell casting and replaces all Discipline Spells.

Arcane School

As noted above, a Thassilonian Psychic gains a specialty Arcane School like a Thassilonian Specialist Wizard; and gains Wizard Arcane School Powers as the Thassilonian Psychic increases in level. This Arcane School must be oe usable by a Thassilonian Specialist Wizard, and, not a sub-school or one altered by an archetype. At 1st level, the Thassilonian Psychic gains the passive 1st level School Power (the one that is normally applied continuously or automatically, without a limit of uses per day). At 2nd level, the Thassilonian Psychic gains the ability to use the Arcane School's 1st level active School Power (the one usable by a Wizard a number of times per day equal to 3 + a Wizard's Intelligence modifier) by spending 1 Phrenic Pool point. At 9th level, a Thassilonian Psychic gains the ability to use the Arcane School's 8th level School Power. At 20th level, a Thassilonian Psychic gains any upgrades to Arcane Schools that a 20th level Wizard of the same Arcane School specialization would gain. In all cases, the Thassilonian Psychic's level is treated as effective Wizard level to determine the effect of School Powers, even when the School Powers are gained one level later.

This replaces the Phrenic Amplification gained at 1st level, Detect Thoughts, Telepathic Bond, and Remade Self.

* * * * * * * *

Edit: To REALLY get into the Thassilonian theme, I would go further and replace the Psychic Disciplines entirely with specialty Arcane School Powers, and alter the list of Phrenic Amplifications accordingly, but that's a LOT more work (the Psychic class text is LONG).

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