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Do PCs get XP for traps? If so, where does it list the CR or XP rewards for different types of traps?

What about hazards and other non-combat XP rewards?


I dont think there is an XP reward for traps, at least nothing in the written rules.

I'd probably calculate CR like a monster with its offensive CR from its attack bonus or save DC as you would for a monster and its defensive CR with the disabling or spotting DC (whichever is higher) as the Armor class and its HP as 1 (since you only need to succeed on one check usually) and make that the XP reward. Maybe half the XP number if that seems to much for a single trap. (I am too close to going to bed to calculate some tests right now)

I'm away from book, but I belive you award xp for trap based on their deadliness. If I remember well, DMG has a table to determine the deadliness of a trap based on damage dealt. Then I assume that you allow xp as if they overcome an easy/medium/hard/deadly challeng for their appropriate level.

Again, I'm AFB and I'm writing this answer from Memory, which is not often the best ressources that I have

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I saw that table about deadliness. I didn't see CR associated with that table, but that doesn't mean it's not there. :-P

I don't recall seing any CR either, but someone could extrapolate that a trap that is considered a hard challenge for four level 5 characters grant as much xp to be equal 4x the xp a hard encounter would grant to a 5th level character. That would be my best guess on how giving xp for bypassing/removing a trap.

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Yeah, I was thinking of basing the CR and XP based on what was challenging the level of the party.

Here's a couple Traps I calculated with their monster CR based on how I layed it out earlier.

Spot DC 10
Disable DC 15 (Effective AC 15)

Save DC 15
Damage 22

Offensive CR 4, Defensive CR 1,
Total CR 2 (450 XP)

Spot DC 10
Disable DC 15 (Effective AC 15)

Save DC 10
Damage 0 (restrains and knocks prone, so raise effective Damage by 2 CR steps)

Offensive CR 1/8, Defensive CR 1,
Total CR 1/4 (50 XP)

Spot DC 15
Disable DC 13 (Effective AC 15)

Save DC 13
Damage 22

Offensive CR 3, Defensive CR 1,
Total CR 2 (450 XP)


Simple Pit (10 ft)
Spot DC 10
Disable n/a (Effective AC 10)

Save DC n/a (only count damage for offensive CR)
Damage 7

Offensive CR 1/2, Defensive CR 0,
Total CR 1/8 (25 XP)

Hidden Pit (20 ft.)
Spot DC 15
Investigation DC 15
Disable n/a (Effective AC 15)

Save DC n/a (only count damage for offensive CR)
Damage 14

Offensive CR 1, Defensive CR 1,
Total CR 1 (200 XP)

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I'm calculating the XP for the introduction to my steampunk campaign, and it looks like there will be 6 "level-appropriate" encounters to get them from level 1 to level 2, and 8 "level-appropriate" encounters to get from level 2 to level 3.

There will be 6 PCs:

Aasimar brontomancer (homebrew thunder mage) wizard
Halfling Urchin Trickery domain cleric
Human (?) Archfey Pact warlock
Human (?) Sage Knowledge cleric 1/3pp Shadowmage X
Human (?) Sky Pirate (homebrew background) Swashbuckler rogue
(Wood?) Elf Path of the 4 Elements monk

DMG p261

Basically, for noncombat encounters involving "significant risk" you can base it on estimated challenge compared to a combat encounter.

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Thanks! :-D

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