Optimized Escape Artist?


Ok. So first off, allow me to note that I realize this isn't a skill that one should focus on, because it has no use in battle and is only situationally useful outside of battle. That said, I'm inspired by old time magicians and escape artists (ala Houdini) to make a character that the majority of enemies will have an extremely difficult time keeping locked up. A character that not a few seconds after having manacles set upon them, they are free of them.

So, I come to you. I would like to basically laugh in the face of any (or most any) manacles, chains, ropes, and other bindings as well as be able to escape most dungeon / prison cells while making it look fairly easy. Obviously I'll want to be skilled enough in combat to make a difference if possible.

Here's my small little catch. I'd like to do this with minimal magic. The occasional gaseous form might be alright, but I'd prefer this to be about pure skill.

So, what I'm thinking is primary focus on Escape Artist (for obvious reasons), with a close secondary focus on Disable Device and Sleight of Hand. Disable device for escaping rooms and traps, sleight of hand to hide lock picks and the like. Might even pick up Profession: Street Magician or Escape Artist. I'd prefer perform, but I don't think there's one for such things.

Anyways. Class wise, I was considering the Investigator. Their ability to use inspiration could be nice for increasing my odds of escape. Bard is a possibility, but I'm don't generally play them and am not sure if an archetype is in order, or even if they'd be the best here. They do get access to gaseous form though. Rogue is an option, just... on the back end due to their known weaknesses (lessened by unchained from what I've heard).

So how bout it? How do I make a character that can escape from ALMOST anything?

Escapeologist rogue...

While I like the bonus they get from the first ability and the idea of the others they get, it seems like the penalties to use the abilities might be a bit harsh. It is still one to consider though. Thanks for the heads up.

More and more though, I'm leaning bard. Might check and see if mesmerist has anything in this focus though.

The DCs from Escapeologist are easily met with a bit of optimization. As a Rogue 18 or 20 in DEX are a given anyhow. Max ranks and favored class bonus alone get you close to meeting the DCs 50% of the time.

For eaxample there's a fairly cheap one time use alechemical item which grants you a +5 bonus on a roll. Then there's the Rogue jacket or something such which improves disable device by +4 and Esacep artist by +6. And then you're close to autosuceeding...

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