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I am hoping Starfinder is suitable for running a nightmarish trek through unfathomable megastructures inhabited by vast intelligences and machines that have long-since forgotten their purpose.

I'm not sure exactly what you're referencing but an abandoned arcology definitely would make an amazing setting for a dungeon crawl. Shopping districts, residential levels, and industrial spaces all sprinkled throughout a massive multi-level superstructure. It sounds wonderfully evil.

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Blame! and Netsphere Engineer are mangas that take place in a world where hypertech construction robots went out of control and kept building cityscape for who knows how long. Since they developed a means to generate matter from nothing, it's speculated that the megastructure (which started on Earth) encloses the sun and extends to the orbit of Jupiter. People live in a maze of tunnels and mindlessly churning factories and try not to run into vicious 'silicon life' or the deadly descendants of the ancient security systems.

Ah neat. Never heard of those mangas before but sounds like a great idea all the same, like the World's Largest Dungeon except sci-fi or sci-fantasy. Heh, can you imagine shooting your way through an army of robotic security drones to secure the only known source of a rare elixir... that turns out to be a carbonated soft drink?

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I'd be down for some megastructures myself. I kinda liked Blame(though it's obvious that Nihei wasn't sure where to take the plot half the time), but even stuff in the same size as Irespan, so big but not humongously large, would be cool to explore.

Basically, a scifi megadungeon of sorts.

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