Fun 5th Edition Gestalt Ideas?

4th Edition

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Just for fun, what do you think would be a fun gestalt combo of 5th Edition classes?

Remember that class features of the same name (Extra Attack, Unarmored Defense, Ability Score Increase/Feat, etc.) normally do not stack.

Should we also assume a gestalt spellcaster//spellcaster only gets one pool of spell shots, like multiclassed spellcasters? How about interactions between half-casters and third-casters? Pact magic?

Fighter//Wizards would be fun because of Action Surge and armored mages.

Bard//Paladin//Sorcerer//Warlocks would be fun because of all the Charisma synergies.

Fighter//Rogue would be a fun swashbuckler.

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If you went Assassin Rogue, you'd absolutely murder surprised enemies with the Fighter full attack + action surge routine. Easily clear any room that you can surprise.

I'd be looking for classes that don't have uses for their bonus actions to combine with classes which do.

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Ooh! Especially Champion with Improved Critical and Superior Critical!

Or would those all be auto-crits, only one of which is an auto-crit sneak attack?

I've been thinking about it, and I think gestalt spellcaster//spellcaster should have 2 sets of spell slots.

I think.

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You'd have all auto-crits on surprised opponents, though the expanded crit would be nice on the following rounds.

A little worse (but still potent) would be Assassin Rogue // Paladin for a huge smite sneak attack critical.

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Half-orc Oath of Vengeance, of course.

3d8 rapier + 20d6 sneak attack + 10d8 smite + 2d6 hunters mark + 5.

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Warning, shameless self-promotion follows:

I just published some rules for hybrid multiclassing on the DMs Guild. If you want to build some gestalt-style combos that don't actually break the game, you may want to check it out.

Barbarian/moon druid; what is worse then charging huge selfhealing bear?
A charging fast moving, raging, take half damage from everything, huge selfhealing bear.

Eldritch knight/abjurer wizard; fullplate+shield, heavy armor mastery + arcane ward + fireball. Now thats a tank, with tank firepower.

Paladin/sorcerer or bard or warlock, fullplate, saves, smite + pick your poison for spellcaster.

barbarian/champion, half orc recomended, crit fishing all the way.

paladin/champion, see above,

spell less ranger/battlemaster, go go manuevars,

shadow monk/assassin, go ninja,

rogue(any)/warlock(devil's sight+darkness), maybe bladelock for extra attack feature.

wizard/druid-> Merlin,

warlock/sorcerer, quickened eldrith blast(pew pew lazers)

oathbreaker paladin/wizard-necromancer->death knight

Igor Horvat wrote:

barbarian/champion, half orc recomended, crit fishing all the way.

Use an ogre sized greatsword for 24d6+5 damage per crit. You'll need to reckless attack to offset the disadvantage for the oversized weapon.

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It's... not quite the 13d8+22d6 from the oath of vengeance assassin. And probably less reliable to get too.

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3d8 from orc crit, 10d8 smite crit, 2d6 from hunter's mark 20d6 from sneak attack?

Yes, that one.

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Cool. Coolcoolcool!

What i forgot about the Barbarian Champion is that he probably has Great Weapon Master and is raging, let's assume a frenzied rage because the Berserker path adds to his output more and he has two fighting styles, one of which being great weapon fighting. So its 24d6+19 damage actually and he has 5 or 6 attacks per round (1 + 3 Extra attacks from fighter + 1 Bonus attack from frenzied berserker + 1 as a reaction when he's attacked in melee) and rerolls all 1s and 2s on his damage rolls.
With that number of attacks he will make a crit just a little less than once per round.

And I just remembered Action surge. I really want to play that character just for a few combat encounters...

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Action Surge makes dipping into fighter for a couple levels very attractive.

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