Fun / Good Mid-Range Wondrous Items?


Hello all. I tend to see the occasional threads about the good, fun and / or cool wondrous items one could craft or purchase. And while I'm down for affordable, it got me curious.

What are some mid-range costed magic items that are fun and good in your opinion? I personally consider 15-35,000 to be around the mid-range (crafting included if you have it). I suppose that may differ for other players though.

One I noticed was the Cauldron of Resurrection. Crafted, it costs 16,500gp and another 5-10,000gp to either raise dead or resurrect. Now, if your party doesn't normally have access to the above spells, or your DM deems it logical that there isn't a 10,000gp diamond in the next town, this can be pretty good I think.

Lantern of Revealing looks pretty handy, if niche. Although the Onyx Dog Wondrous Figurine Might serve somewhat the same purpose.

And of course there's always the Flying Carpets.

So, anything in this range you think is fancy in the pants department?

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