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So just a quick question, I know that a jump cant go past your maximum movement for the round. Is this just counting one direction or both the jump up and the fall down?
Example: my movement speed is 40 ft. and I have a near infinite acrobatics bonus. Assuming I take a double move can I jump 80 feet up or only 40 feet? does the answer change if there is a ledge to land on 75 feet above you?

That's really meant to be a limitation on your horizontal movement. The rules are written on the assumption that your skill bonuses are not near-infinite, so you're not going to be able to make a DC 160 40' high jump anyway. If you can really hit that DC I believe you're firmly in GM discretion territory. Did this really come up in a game (or a plan)?

If you can make an 80' jump by making a DC 320 acrobatics check, I would be less worried about your movement speed at that point.

a level 10 ninja with acrobatic master and high jumper ninja tricks should lower the high jump dc to a 1:1 ratio, and also letting you use a ki point to give you a +20 acrobatic bonus. If your a have skill focus(acrobatics) and have put a rank in it every level, you should be at a 23 acrobatics bonus, assuming an 18 dex, before adding the ki bonus, your roll, and any bonuses you get from items. So while the 80 foot jump would be a stretch at level 10 the 40 foot jump is an auto success...

I'm not currently building a character like this, but the distance of jumps came up in one of the games I was in and I was curious...

High jumper cuts the DC by a factor of two, not four (and acrobatic master doesn't cut it at all, though it can get you that +20). So you still need to hit a DC 80 to make the 40' jump. (Also 10 ranks + skill focus + 18 ex = 10+6+4 = 20 not 23.)

OTOH, I suppose your question still applies for someone who can make a 20' high jump but has a 30' move. I suppose I'd have to say only the distance up counts towards your movement, since flying people get to fall for free.

When you hit level 10 with a ninja it cuts the factor by another 2

paizo.com wrote:
As long as she has at least 1 point in her ki pool, she treats any Acrobatics skill check made to jump as if she had a running start. At 10th level, she also reduces the DC of Acrobatics skill checks made to jump by 1/2 (although she still cannot move farther than her speed allows).

emphasis mine.

I didn't think about the rules for flying and falling, interesting observation.

EDIT: as for the skill ranks you are either forgetting the +3 from class skill bonus or the increase from +3 to +6 skill focus at 10 ranks

Ah, that's under ki pool, not high jumper, which was all I looked at. Geez, ninjas are sick jumpers. And you caught me on class skill bonus, too.

At least I can still stand by my final answer. I even have a little more evidence for it: you can explicitly fall ("low jump"?) downwards up to 500' in a single round (that is, without having time to cast a non-immediate spell).

Watched my gm have a fit a while back when the palyer of a ninja explained that she would jump 50' in the air to attack the criter poking its head out of the ceiling, and since she was invisible, it would be a sneak attack.

She was 13th level, max ranks in acrobatics, 26 or so dex, 30 enhancement to move, spent the ki point.

Amusingly there is also a force multiplier in this venture the Akitonian blade from melee tactics toolbox makes wushu leaps possible with several other classes as well as the ninja.

As to the core question I have no idea if this was ever addressed further by the paizo rules.

I got the boots of springing and jumping. +4 by enhanced speed, and +5 comp bonus. Add in Cheetah's Sprint, and add another +48 (or +44 if not stacking [not yet decided]) to my 20 I already have, so I can hit a DC of 74 minimum, 97 max. Since I'm 10th level, that means I can jump 148' horizontally at a minimum, and 37' high. [Don't have the high jumper, and the swift action +20 for 1 ki is beat out by the swift action spell.]

Already pulled the jump 15' (Take-1) up with invisible blade to attack the flying creature at 20' up, near the ceiling. Since I could be in the square adjacent to it, i.e. just below, I could then attack it. Since it could not see me, I got sneak attack. :-)

The problem I see is that per the rules in Above and Beneath the Streets, you rise 1/4 the horizontal distance, has a nasty interaction with falling damage. A deliberate jump makes the first 1d6 nonlethal. Making a DC 15 check reduces the effective fall by 10'. So for no damage, you can only fall 10' which means a horizontal jump of 40'. For 1d6 non-lethal, you get 41'-80'. With my skill, I am within the non-lethal range when jumping for distance, and that 15' jump up was also doing 1d6 non-lethal damage each time I did it. [No one thought about it at the time, and as I GM I would rule you never take damage for any fall you can jump up the same distance.]


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