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Hello all,
Running a campaign that has a high level Gunslinger who is currently 15th lvl. I believe he is using a pepperbox early firearm.

He and his crew will be running into an encounter where an NPC will be using a Control Weather to summon up a blizzard level powerful storm. On page 438 of the core book powerful storms says all ranged attacks are impossible. Under blizzard it says "combination of high winds, heavy snow" and I found on the D20 site that blizzards have severe winds or higher.

I haven't been able to find through my searches updates to see if firearms are also impossible to fire correctly.

So I'm thinking the gunslinger is totally screwed when this encounter takes place - a fight in a blizzard. Further, I suppose I could be very harsh and say his early firearm is potentially impossible to load due to high winds blowing the black powder away before it ever gets into the gun.

Thoughts and advice appareciated!


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Maybe drop some special ammunition? Like that dragonfire ammo or whatever it's called. The kind that makes a 15 foot long cone of fire.

Or at least warn the PC (or give the PCs an opportunity to be warned) that the NPC has weaponized blizzards, and maybe a Knowledge check to know that firearms are extremely hindered by blizzards. And let the PC figure out he needs to equip himself accordingly.

This would probably be a good time for the Gunslinger to pick up a +1 Cyclonic Pepperbox as a backup weapon.

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I'd have to check, but the Stormlashed feat might also be helpful. My character that had it also had the Storm Kindler prestige class, so I don't recall which parts of storm mitigation went with what.

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The gunslinger is screwed. Because the rules say that gunpowder is useless if it gets wet.

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