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Derric’s Journal

Entry 1

I was unable to write an entry yesterday due to Ameiko getting injured after being ambushed by goblins armed with fireworks (the little green varmints are like cockroaches!), so I will try to recall yesterday’s events along with today’s before I set out on my adventure. I am thankful that Shalelu was able to save her and bring her back to town. Gave me quite a fright when I saw how badly wounded my childhood friend was. I’m just glad that Lady Koya wasn’t angry at me for trying to beat down her door to get to Ameiko. I was able to use what healing skills I learned from the Order of the Shield to aid Lady Koya in tending to both Ameiko and Shalelu. Both of them are better now, although Ameiko still need rest in order to fully recover, but knowing her, she will refuse to stay lying down. I am glad once again that I decided to write all my journal entries in Sylvan least someone tries to take a look at it, especially someone who my heart sings for. Although, it seems that my attempts to keep my feelings for her a secret have been for naught, as it seems apparent that I do, especially since Shalelu pointed them out along with those who will be traveling with me to the Brinestump Marsh! I do hope Ameiko doesn’t suspect anything! Shelyn and Daikitsu, help me if she does! I’m not sure I’m ready to tell her how I feel just yet! We have been friends for many years, and I don’t want to ruin that friendship by making things awkward for us both. Although I do wonder what happened to her to make her give up adventuring and what she was doing the night she was attacked by the goblins, but I respect her too much to pry into matters that I shouldn’t stick my muzzle into. I will however be there for her if she ever wishes to tell me when she decides to.

Ahem…anyhow, Sheriff Hemlock has reestablished the goblin bounty due to the attacks. The reward is quite substantial to say the least, especially if one brings back the head of the goblin chieftain, but I’m more concerned with going after these goblins that are responsible for attacking not only Ameiko and Shalelu but also several travelers, merchants, and caravans. My blood boils as my mind recalls seeing my childhood friend’s bloodstained body. The only reward I seek is to spare others the memory of this sight. I can never remove that brand in my mind’s eye. Ameiko is dear to my heart so I can only hope that I can return to her. While goblins are weak and stupidity incarnate, they are dangerous in great numbers so I must be careful. However, there are other factors to take into account upon entering the Brinestump Marsh. I hope we do not meet the Sandpoint Devil! I shudder to even think of such an encounter.

When I say ‘we’, I’m referring to those who also want to put an end to this goblin threat and who I will be traveling with. Shalelu wishes to come. She has always hated goblins, or so I’ve been told. I’ll see the truth of this very soon I’m sure. The others that are joining us are:

• Caerwyn Callandriil. He has lived in Sandpoint for a long time, and I know that he has trained with Shalelu and that he’s a member of the town militia; not sure if he still is though. He is excellent scout from what I’ve heard, so I know that his skills will prove beneficial as we track down the Licktoad goblins.

• Leokian Trasandoral. I don’t know much about him I’m afraid. The elven…I think he’s a wizard since I saw that he had a spellbook with him, but I could be wrong…seems to know Shalelu. Maybe they are kin to each other as he called her cousin. Seems to be a bit…stuck up at times. Besides that, he seems friendly enough so he can’t be all bad right?

• Rhis Alberuti. A priestess of Desna, she has lived in Sandpoint long before my foster family moved there. I’ve heard that she’s a friend of Lady Koya and was even saved by Lady Koya’s mother, Nishka! Rhis seems human, but there’s something about her that’s not human. Of course, the same is true of me, so I can’t criticize her even though she is quite blunt. Okay, she’s often blunt, but having a healer is a good thing.

• Shaeda Stormborn. The Halfling priestess of Calistria is also joining us. It seems that my belief that anyone can become a heroic adventurer has been proven true. I know that she is friends with Lady Koya and was good friends with Lady Koya’s mother before Nishka passed away. She has a good heart, even if she does worship Calistria (I’m not going to judge her, even though I tend to stay away from the Pixie's Kitten). She does sometimes forget that I’m a kitsune, but I’m not going to fault her for that.

As a member of the Order of the Shield, it’ll be my duty to protect my companions and guard them from harm. While I’ve never been far from home before, I’ve always planned on becoming an adventurer one day. I guess you could say that my father’s tales of the honorable samurai of Tian Xia and the brave knights of the Inner Sea have always caused me to feel a bit of wanderlust, to seek my destiny.

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can't wait to read more of the adventures of Derric the Kitsune Samurai

edit: maybe you could also post Derric's stats as you adventure

nicely done sir, should be a good read as it builds and evolves.

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Thank you both! I'm glad you like it!

And I like that wonderful suggestion, Blackvial!

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For the record, it's not that I forget you're some sort of weird dog-thing, it's that I can't remember the name of the type of weird dog-thing that you are.

Shaeda Stormborn wrote:
For the record, it's not that I forget you're some sort of weird dog-thing, it's that I can't remember the name of the type of weird dog-thing that you are.

I know that and you know that and your character knows that, but Derric doesn't know that. Besides he still sees you as a good person.

Here's a new journal entry. Since he's still at level 1, I'm not going to post any stats. But I do intend to post his stats later on. Also, two of our players disappeared on us, so I won't be showing them however. We do, luckily, have some new players recruited. Expect to see Derric's views of them soon!

Entry 2

Well, it seems our adventure started off to a bumpy, and in my case a very wet, start. I fell into one of the rivers trying to cross a rotten old bridge. One of the blasted planks gave way and gravity took hold. Luckily, my backpack stayed dry. But the true obstacle we ran into as we journeyed into the swamp was when we met a strange and terrifying monster! It looked humanoid, but roughly humanoid in shape, although its legs bent backwards like those of a dog, and its jaws split down the middle into tiny grasping claws! We tried to prepare ourselves to fight it, but it was too quick and I almost died at its claws. Thankfully, Shaeda, bless her Halfling heart, healed me in time.

But what unnerved me about the terror we faced was that it somehow caused me to be filled with strange sensations of wrath and anger at all who love and care for. I was able to brush away such wicked thoughts, but the dread and disgust at having such vile ideas left me shaken a bit. Leokian and Shalelu were able to drive the beast away before the monster could spread such evil thoughts to the rest of the party. From what I can tell, the monster is able to inflict these thoughts into its victims by wounding them. How this is possible can only be answered that the beast is magical, and not the good variety I’m afraid. Still, we, and especially I, will be ready for it next time.

At least it wasn’t the Sandpoint Devil.

Before we entered the swamps, we had decided to visit the home of Walthus, a swamp hermit that Shalelu knew and according to her, he would be able to direct us to the location of the goblins’ camp.

However, upon arriving, we discovered that he wasn’t…quite friendly. I was able to smooth talk (we kitsunes do have silver tongues you know!) him into letting us rest and resupply. Upon entering his home, we found it…well, it looked a mess let’s put it that way.

While I was trying to straighten up what I could of his house, I saw a strange rippling on Walthus’s face and hands! He completely unnerved me, and it set me on edge! I was able to figure out this wasn’t the real Walthus, but a shapeshifter like myself, although unlike a kitsune, his true form isn’t that pleasant to look at. A hideous hunch-backed humanoid with no true face with the only feature being a crooked slit from which a rasplike tongue! Ew and ugh. I’m grateful we kitsune have more…well, attractive forms to look at when we shapeshift, be it our true forms or our human forms.

This shapeshifter had the nerve to say that I was inexperienced! How dare he!? I’m quite capable of changing shape. I just choose not to. Father always preferred that I stay in true form as I was being honest with both myself and to others. I’m not sure how other kitsune will think about that. Father did always pay lip service to Abadar. But whatever his reasons, I’ve always looked up to my adopted parents, even if what they tell me makes me feel that I’m not living up to being a true kitsune…whatever that is.

But where was I? Oh yes. Luckily, Leokian used a spell to trip up the monster with grease, allowing us to cut the villain down. I removed his head just in case. I’ll admit, despite his lack of having a sense of adventure, Leokian is proving to be quite useful and skilled. I’ll need to ask Shalelu about him soon. He interests me and I’m curious about his magic.

The real Walthus was grateful, although Shaeda’s wittiness knows no bounds and she tends to blurt it out at times. But I shouldn’t be the pot calling the kettle black here as I have done the same thing myself, so I shouldn’t judge her for that.
Walthus has allowed us to spend the night to rest and recover before we set out to locate the goblins and put them down. I’m just glad we were able to save Walthus. Who knows what would have happened if we had decided not to visit? Besides, it feels good to help others! I best be going to bed now as we have a long road before us. I pray to the Lady of Foxes and to the Eternal Rose that Ameiko is okay back in Sandpoint. I worried about her when she went on her adventures. Now, I guess our roles are reversed and it is she who is now worrying over my safety. I promised to return to her and I intend to do that. Besides, Daikitsu and Shelyn would be quite upset with me if I didn’t get the chance to tell her how I truly feel about her…one day that is. I’ll work up the courage to tell her one of these days. Till then, I’ll love her from afar.

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