Draconic Exemplar Multiple Attacks??


Hello everybody

I have been allowed to play a Taninim Draconic Exemplar, but i am a bit confused about the BAB and multiple attacks.

The BAB for a 11 level exemplar is for example +11/+6/+1, does this mean they get more attacks with their bite and claws for exampel??

If not what is the point of writing the extra +6/+1?

Can anybody please help me clarify this?

Thanks in advance

With regards Kasper

You do not get more natural attacks with higher BAB. You only get 1 attack per natural attack you have. The point of writing the extra +6/+1, other than being how all classes are written, is that, from what I remember, Taninim can wield manufactured weapons. They're just not the greatest at it. So you would get iterative attacks with for those based on your BAB.

Thanks Dhanubus :) , thats how i understood it also, but was not sure in any way.

Not a problem at all, glad to help.

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