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Is Paizo planning on having a presence in San Antonio for this convention? I know you have events at the coastal varieties, but I haven't heard anything about this upcoming convention. I messaged the PFS venture captain but never got any kind of confirmation either yes or no.

I'm going either way, but it seems that this PAX is supposedly going to focus on tabletop, rather than mainstream (PAX Prime) or independent (PAX East) video games.

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The Seldon Plan there is no Venture-Captain in San Antonio but there are two Venture-Agents. I sent the one organizing PFS at PAX South a message about your post.

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Fret not, for I am here and organizing PFS San Antonio's efforts at PAX South!

We've got a thread up on PAX South's forum with all our information. Though if you have questions or if anyone has questions, they can ask them here in this thread!

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Very glad to see there will be a presence.

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