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Okay, here's a concept for a somewhat different Fantasy Campaign. In the S.M. Stirling series of novels "Island in the Sea of Time", the entire Island of Nantucket is set back to the Late Bronze Age, along with a Coast Guard training vessel. And once there, they inevitably become involved in the politics of the world.

In the Eric Flint novel "1632", a small West Virginia mining town is somehow transported back in time ~ land, people and resources and all ~ to central Germany in the middle of the Thirty Years' War. And once there, they inevitably become involved in the politics of the world.

This lead me to consider a similar concept for a Golarion-based campaign. Let's assume a sizeable Island off the North-American coast (or maybe the coast of Europe), big enough to have some farmlands, a single city with a port, an airport and maybe a National Guard base (maybe combined with a Navel base) somehow ends up teleported to Golarion, perhaps somewhere in the Steaming Sea?

Clearly, they would instantly draw the attention of the Powers of the Inner Sea and the Pathfinder Society. Andoran would see kindred spirits in these people from a Democratic society, while Cheliax and Taldor would both seek to acquire technology from this Island for their own purposes. And then there's the matter of the people of this Island discovering that Magic exists, and some of them can learn to use it. And the religious beliefs of the Islanders might suffer a real shock when they see that this world has real, active deities.

Such a Campaign would heavily use the rulesets of Game Room Creation's Modern Path and/or Super Genius Games' Anachronistic Adventures.

Here are some Adventure Seeds I was considering:
-An Islander tech company finds out from a Trader that Numeria holds vast troves of advanced alien technology, and begins to fund expeditions to sneak into Numeria and steal tech devices to smuggle back to the Island under the nose of the Technic League.
-The Island University becomes associated with the Pathfinder Society, and begins funding research into Magic and Cryptozoology.
-A military commander from the Guard/Naval Base decides to try his luck at Nation-building, and runs off with some of his most loyal men to the wild frontier of Varisia.

Shadow Lodge

As a big fan of 1632, I approve of the idea.

Alkenstar would initially hate them, as it potentially breaks their monopoly on gun production. But would eventually come around to realizing that they share a lot (non-magic background, likes tech...)

The medical diplomacy path from the books isn't quite as relevant, and golarian being comparatively at peace right now would give them more time to establish themselves before really hitting the world stage.\

The biggest question is means of production. Can they make more of their stuff? (Even if tooled down to 1800's tech) If they're on an island, they'll run out of materials a lot faster than on the mainland.

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Yeah, the limited supplies available on the Island would force them to open trade with Avistan and Garund as soon as possible. Again, I see Andoran as being the first true trading partner for the Island, due to shared ideologies of Liberty and Equality. Although the Aspis Consortium would be quick to make business offers.

Liberty's Edge

Dotting because I love this idea.

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