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I have found today a bug reporting a 19 tables special event.

This bug converts Core characters to Normal characters unwillingly and without the reporter noticing it. I have proven the bug by testing it with a newly created character. You can test the bug in this way:

1- Create a New Core Character
2- Access an existing or a new Session to report in Normal campaign
3- Test the new Core character by inserting its ID, it will be highlighted in Red it is a PFC character
---- Until here everything is ok----
4- Press the <Delete> button next to the character to make sure the character is not reported (it is important you do not change the ID, delete with the PFC in red still)
5- Check the character is not in the list of characters anymore
6- Save the session
7- Insert the character ID in the session, you will see it is no longer a Core Character but a Normal character. Go to the character sessions, you will see there is no reported session for that character.

Basically pressing the <Delete> button seems to delete the character from the session report, but some array with the Core characters to be transformed is not cleared, because when you save the session the characters are transformed even if they are no longer part of the session report.

This bug has made me unwillingly transform this two characters to Normal Campaign:
175572 1 Perdenarion
183645 1 Kronmar

If possible I would appreciate if they are converted back to Core whenever possible :(

I have tested the bug with my purposely created Core character Dadibe, which fortunately it seems I can delete.

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Nice find, that's a corner case we didn't have a test for. I've added the bug to our backlog, it will get fixed once it makes it into our active queue.

For the short term, I've reverted the two characters you list back to Core. If you run into the situation again, typing a different character's ID into that row instead of deleting it before you save should work. Otherwise you can cancel out of the reporting session without saving and re-enter.

Thanks a lot Cort :)

Ok, I will tell people reporting in my area so we have it into account and avoid errors!

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