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I'm having a somewhat interesting problem.

Backstory: Due to a certain thread, I thought I'd make a generic alias to store datasheets, backstories and such for play-by-post game applications. For this purpose I thought it would be nice to have a link in the alias profile section that links back to any relevant recruitment thread.

Actual problem: When I create a link in the profile section of the alias using the (url=paizo.com/threads/threadidentificationstring)My link(/url) format, with [ instead of ( of course, the link does not work.

Upon inspecting the link the following seems to have been added 'paizo.com/people/' turning the total url into 'paizo.com/people/paizo.com/threads/threadidentificationstring' which obviously does not work.

Anyone know why?

Is it an issue with the site - or perhaps my browser (Firefox, latest update)?

Here is the alias in question

Cheers! //Lessah

edit: It is sort of funny how the link to the alias has an extra 'paizo.com/threads/' added in ... : /

edit2: Aaand the problem is solved!

You need to have the "http" thingy. So, http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2t4nn?URL-links-in-My-Profile-troubles, not paizo.com/threads/rzs2t4nn?URL-links-in-My-Profile-troubles.

Indeed, that seems to do the trick. Interesting.

Thank you : )

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