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Hey guys and gals,

Had an error on my part dealing with my payment method. My card was marked as stolen and I did not realize it. I have finally gotten the situation taken care of, and I believe I've corrected everything on Paizo's site under my account.

I was hoping if someone could take a look at my account to ensure I am still a subscriber to everything, as well that my order is finally going to be processed so I am not missing out on anything. I've also one item in my side cart that hasn't shipped yet, but I need to speak to Will about that probably.

Thanks as always for the help.

Customer Service Representative

Hi Kevin,

Everything with the card and your subs looks good now.

As for the sidecart item, it looks like just needed an extra kick to get unstuck. You should get an updated order confirmation email soon.

If we can help with anything else, please let us know.


Thanks Sharaya, you're amazing as ever. Keep up the wonderful work.

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