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Hello! I am an experienced gamer from many many years, who currently only plays Pathfinder, and also freelance artist with many years of experience in the field too. I am currently inspired by our gaming campaings, and so very willing to draw Pathfinder inspired stuff.
What I offer now is black&white pencils commissions or colored marker commissions. I have many examples of my work, that can be checked in my gallery in Deviantart. Offer for this kind of commissions, full body character art, is 50$. If you are interested in a different kind of commission, we can also discuss it.
A link to my gallery:
If you are interested, contact me at :

Not bad....

This interests me, and I will check among my players and see what they might want. :)

Liberty's Edge

This is really great stuff. A berth of subjects not just human fighter with sword. love the skull and spine mace. will be connecting with you soon.

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