Adimarchus Miniature?

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What did everyone use as a Mini for our beloved BBEG?

I used a foulspawn hulk with black pipecleaners glued to his back for the demonic form and a standard solar for the angelic form

TyroAmberhelm wrote:
What did everyone use as a Mini for our beloved BBEG?

I had one 3D printed.

What vendor did you use and how much did it cost?

Oh yeah the Foulspawn hulk is a great one. Is it large? (4 squares)

Yes Large. And it is comparatively larger than the Solar

The solar is large also, correct?

Yes. The solar's on a 10' base but still smaller than the Foulspawn Hulk, also on a 10' base.

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Old topic, I know, but not as old as this one:

Seven years ago, when we started playing through this (yes, we've been playing that long... long story) I was considering having a mini professionally sculpted for the big guy. I've just got a thing for cool minis, I guess. Anyway, technology has come a long way. Now there's HeroForge.

These are the two minis I created for A:



They're not perfect, but I think they'll be really good after I put a little work into them. For example, the waist on both looks like it'll need some time with a file, and both will need their back features custom crafted. The demon-form tendrils should be easy to sculpt out of some green stuff, but I haven't figured out how to do the angel wings yet.

Really nice siege. Would love to see your finished products when you're done.

siege, just click on "Body" and then "Wings"

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